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Downloadable & Printable Instructions

Opti-Rite® Easy Installation Instructions.

Opti-Rite® Lite & Clear Installation Instructions.

Opti-Rite® 1-5 Installation Instructions.

Opti-Rite® 5 Self Adhesive Installation Instructions.


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Opti-Rite 1-5 Instructions (Using adhesive)

The following instructions are intended for Opti-Rite® installation using a clay based adhesive, they are not for use with our self adhesive Opti-Rite® materials.

Preparation of Goods: Examine goods to assure that pattern, color, quantity, and quality is as ordered. Separate goods by shade lot number and organize in roll number sequence, starting with the highest. Do not cut any rolls until you double check your lengths. Measurements may vary if you planned on installing the materials vertically versus horizontally.

Preparation of Substrate: Opti-Rite® can be installed over almost any properly prepared surface. Surfaces to be covered must be clean, smooth, dry, uniform in color, and structurally sound. Loose paint or other wall covering must be removed. Nail heads, nicks, gouges, and other surface imperfections should be sanded smooth and sealed. On new walls, dry wall joints should be taped, bedded, and sanded smooth. A high quality acrylic primer and / or “size” must be used for proper installations and product performance. Sand any stipple or brush marks left from the primers.

Glossy surfaces should either be sanded to dull the surface or an application of a professional vinyl prep can be applied.

Do not hang over ballpoint pen ink, wax crayon, ink markers, oil-based stains, or any foreign matter that may bleed through. It is suggested that a pencil be used to mark vinyl or wall as pencil marks do not bleed.

Walls should be checked with a suitable “moisture meter.” Moisture content should not exceed 4%. Remove any substrate mildew with a chlorine bleach solution, rinse, and allow to dry before installing. Wash greasy walls with an ammonia solution, rinse, and allow to dry before installing.

On new dry wall, if future strip ability is desired apply a high quality acrylic wall covering primer and a heavy duty clay based strippable adhesive. Some drywall joint compounds contrast with the drywall paper surface, showing strong light and dark colored areas.

Opti-Rite® wall covering may allow show-through due to the limited amount of opacity. Should this situation occur, it is recommended to use a high quality white acrylic primer.

Application of Wall covering: When installing vertically use a plum line. When installing horizontally use a level line. Horizontal installation is recommended. Although seams can be written over, it is suggested to keep them out of the primary writing and viewing areas, (30-85 inches from the floor for 60” material and 30-80 inches for 48”-54” material). Be sure to reverse every other strip regardless of vertical or horizontal installation method.

Cut strips a few inches longer than required to allow for trimming at sidewalls, ceilings, and baseboards. Apply a uniform coat of heavy duty clay based adhesive to the wall where each strip will be installed , overlap the edges at least 2”. Re-paste any dry areas or if there is a delay in hanging.

Use a flexible wall covering smoother (wrapped with a clean soft cloth) to remove air pockets or lumps, working toward the uncovered wall assuring complete adhesion to the wall. Smooth material on the wall from the middle to the outside edge. Lightly roll or press the seams down. Trim materials at the ceiling, baseboard, windows, and doors with a single edged razor blade (change razor blade often).

Overlapping and double cutting is highly recommended to ensure neat and tight seams.

1) Do not attempt to match a pasted strip of wall covering to one that is not pasted.

2) Vertical joints should not occur less than 6” from the outside and inside corners.

3) Do not stretch the material to butt seams—slide the entire strip for proper fitting.

4) Do not use metal or sharp objects on the surface when installing materials.

5) Do not install wall covering unless the temperature in the working and storage areas are at least 55° F.

6) Be careful not to crease or bend material when handling.

7) Do not puncture air bubbles under the surface.

8) If the strip goes up unevenly, peel if off and reinstall.

9) Do not score drywall or plaster when double cutting.

Extreme care should be exercised when trimming wall covering around electrical outlets. Cut clear around all electrical openings so adequate clearance is allowed between material and electrical writing and boxes. Turn off electricity when working around electrical outlets.

Opti-Rite®2 can act as a conductor of electricity due to the ferrous content! Do not allow this material to come into contact with any exposed wires.

Clean up: Be sure to remove all excess adhesive immediately using a natural sponge and a warm / mild soap solution. Do not use abrasive cleaners. Rinse thoroughly with water and dry with clean toweling. Change rinse water frequently. A professional vinyl cleaner / wallpaper remover should be used where the adhesive has dried. Do NOT write on the Opti-Rite® materials until they have been completely cleaned.

After installation you need to wash the surface thoroughly before use. Use a good quality non-abrasive household cleaner like glass cleaner and rinse well with clean water. Dry with a soft towel and be sure material is completely dry before using.

Important: We recommend that you hire a professional wall covering installer to install your Opti-Rite® materials. If you have any question about the material, stop working and notify us. Recommended wall covering adhesive products have been specially developed for use in these applications. We are not responsible for the appearance and performance of wall covering not applied according to these instructions.

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