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natural tan cork bulletin boardsOptiMA, Inc. offers a complete line of natural tan, cork boards. The cork bulletin boards, also called tack boards come in sizes of 18" x 24" up to the size of 4' tall x 16' long.

Our natural tan cork boards with aluminum trim have tack surface that are 1/16" natural tan cork laminated to " fiberboard. The satin anodized aluminum trim has a 1" facing on all of the boards that are 4' x 4' or larger. Cork boards 33" x 45" or smaller have a " aluminum trim and all of the boards ship with the appropriate installation hardware relative to the size of the unit.

Aluminum Framed Natural Cork Tack Boards

Board Size Price
MI-AN-182 18" x 24" $33.00
MI-AN-203 24" x 36" $53.00
MI-AN-304 33" x 45" $71.00
MI-AN-404 4' x 4' $148.00
MI-AN-406 4' x 6' $200.00
MI-AN-408 4' x 8' $223.00
MI-AN-410 4' x 10' $293.00
MI-AN-412 4' x 12' $332.00 Shopping Cart

Oak Framed Natural Cork Tack Boards

Board Size Price
MI-WN-182 18" x 24" $27.55
MI-WN-203 24" x 36" $45.08
MI-WN-304 33" x 45" $73.46
MI-WN-404 4' x 4' $156.94
MI-WN-406 4' x 6' $213.70
MI-WN-408 4' x 8' $246.26
MI-WN-410 4' x 10' $321.39
MI-WN-412 4' x 12' $352.28 Shopping Cart

Cork bulletin boards with oak trim have tack board surfaces that are 1/16" natural cork laminated to 3/8" fiberboard. The solid red oak trim has a 2" face on all cork bulletin boards that are 4' x 4' or larger in size.  Boards in a size of 33" x 45" or smaller have a 1" red oak trim and each boards ships with the appropriate installation hardware.

The smaller sized bulletin boards; 18" x 24" to 33" x 45" are made of economical cork bulletin board materials that are 1/32" natural pebble cork laminated to 3/8" fiberboard with economical and lightweight " aluminum trim or superior 1" quality red oak framing.

Many of our natural tan cork boards are on our Quick-Ship program and will usually ship from the factory in 2 working days. Number of days always refers to working or factory days in production.

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