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5' tall prorite magnetic dryerase boardsGreat White 5' tall Signature Seriesdry erase boards are the perfect alternative to full-height dry erase walls for a number of reasons. If you mount the 5' tall dry erase boards with the bottom of the marker boards 30" off of the floor then the top of the marker boards will be 7 1/2' feet from the floor and that is about the full reach of a man or woman who is 6' tall. The bottom of the marker boards will be just about the same height as your conference room table or teacher's desk top. That means that you have no wasted whiteboard material on the floor or too high on the wall to reach.

Another reason to go with our 5' tall conference room dry erase boards is the fact that the marker boards ship as a single unit up to 12' in length.

Finally you will save about 35-40% using our 5' tall training room dry erase boards in place of an 8' tall full-height dry erase wall. We do offer the 6' tall and 8' tall full-height wall systems in case we haven't convinced you or you just can't convince the boss so give us a call for details.

50 year warrantyMore important than the size of these boards is the quality, the magnetic receptive porcelain steel writing surface is durable. The porcelain enamel on this boards won't stain with dry erase markers the surface will erase clean for many years. In fact the writing surface has a 50 year warranty against staining or "ghosting" If you have used or seen a stained markerboard that won't erase and looks ugly you will know how important this is.

Aluminum Framed Markerboards - On Sale!

Model Number Description Ship Method Lead-Time* Price
GR-GW5-504 5' H x 4' W Truck 3-5 Business Days $306.00
GR-GW5-506 5' H x 6' W Truck 3-5 Business Days $425.00
GR-GW5-508 5' H x 8' W Truck 3-5 Business Days $558.00
GR-GW5-510 5' H x 10' W Truck 3-5 Business Days $669.00
GR-GW5-512 5' H x 12' W Truck 3-5 Business Days $758.00 Shopping Cart

Oak Framed Markerboards

Model Number Size Ship Method Lead-Time* Price
MI-5W-506 5' H x 6' W Truck 10-12 Business Days $456.00
MI-5W-508 5' H x 8' W Truck 10-12 Business Days $562.00
MI-5W-510 5' H x 10' W Truck 10-12 Business Days $703.00
MI-5W-512 5' H x 12' W Truck 10-12 Business Days $764.00
MI-5W-516 5' H x 16' W Truck 10-12 Business Days $1,010.00 Shopping Cart

We offer 5' tall dry erase boards with a "mid-gloss" writing surface : The mid-gloss has an excellent writing surface that is easy to erase and it is suitable for projection. Mid gloss projection whiteboards do not always make the best projection mediums. It may depend a lot on the projector that you have, how much light is in the room, the overhead or indirect lighting in the room... in other words someone may still have to move their seat in order to see due to a hot spot. If you need a pure clean projection for a client presentation we always suggest using a professional projection screen these boards are a great option for you if you like to make notes on your projections or if you use your projector infrequently.

The 16' long boards ship as a single continuous unit so please make sure that they will fit into your building, your hallway, your elevators, etc. You don't want to have them arrive at your building only to discover that they don't fit.

*Lead time is measured in business days (Monday-Friday) and is the typical amount of time for these items to ship out. Lead time is not an indication of transit time which will vary.

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