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We offer our customers a number of dry erase board and chalkboard accessories including dry erase markers, complete dry erase marker kits which include markers, erasers and cleaners, vinyl chart tapes for creating lines, graphs and charts, erasers for both chalkboards and whiteboards and board cleaners.

Pro Rite Dry Erase Markers sold in boxes of 12 individual colors or in sets of 4 colors.
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Markers & Damp Erase Markers
Expo 83054 Complete Dry Erase Marker Kit
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Complete Marker Kits
Felt Eraser

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and Chalkboard Erasers

Click on any of the links above or continue to scroll down through the page for vinyl chart tapes and board cleaners and other miscellaneous accessories.

Chart tape

Vinyl Chart Tape for creating planning and scheduling boards on your OptiMA magnetic receptive dry erase boards. You can use our colored vinyl chart tape to economically create vertical and horizontal lines, flow charts, graphs, planning calendars or any other type of visual aid on any whiteboard.

Vinyl chart tape is available in three (3) different widths of 1/16", 1/8" and 1/4" wide. Comes in Black, White, Yellow, Red, Blue and Green.

Item Number Description Price
OMV-CT-2 1/16" Wide Vinyl chart tape single rolls
1/16" X 648" (54' per roll)
OMV-CT-4 1/8" Wide Vinyl chart tape single rolls
1/8" X 324" (27' per roll)
OMV-CT-8 1/4" Wide Vinyl chart tape single rolls
1/4" X 324" (27' per roll)
$8.95 Shopping Cart
Expo Pre-moistened pop-up wipers with whiteboard cleaner

Expo Pop-Up Cleaning Towels- The perfect companion to any dry erase surface. The handy, convenient way to clean and restore white boards. Pop-up container holds 50 5"x10" reusable pre-moistened towels. Each sheet is moistened with EXPO solution. Air-tight container keeps towels moist and ready to use.

Item Number Description Price
OGY-EX-818-50 Expo pre-moistened whiteboard cleaning towels in a pop-up container.
50 wipes 5" x 10" per Container
$10.95 Shopping Cart

Mar-Kleen Dry Erase Board Cleaner and Conditioner.

Expo Dry Erase Board Cleaner and Conditioner. Great for all economy Melamine Dry Erase Boards. (See Care instructions for Porcelain Boards). Available in single 8oz Bottles, 12-8oz Bottles & 1 U.S. Gallon Refills for refilling smaller classroom bottles.

Description Price
OGY-EX-818-03 Single 8oz. Bottle Expo Board Cleaner $4.95
OGY-EX-818-00 1 U.S. Gallon Refill Expo Cleaner $34.95 Shopping Cart

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