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natural tan cork bulletin boardsOptiMA, Inc. offers a complete line of natural tan, cork boards. The cork bulletin boards, also called tack boards come in sizes of 18" x 24" up to the size of 4' tall x 16' long.

Our natural tan cork boards with aluminum trim have tack surface that are 1/16" natural tan cork laminated to " fiberboard. The satin anodized aluminum trim has a 1" facing on all of the boards that are 4' x 4' or larger. Cork boards 33" x 45" or smaller have a " aluminum trim and all of the boards ship with the appropriate installation hardware relative to the size of the unit.


Great White Aluminum Framed Natural Cork Tack Boards

Board Size Price
GR-GWBB-203 2' x 3' $53.00
GR-GWBB-304 3' x 4' $99.95
GR-GWBB-404 4' x 4' $124.95
GR-GWBB-405 4' x 5' $149.95
GR-GWBB-406 4' x 6' $174.95
GR-GWBB-408 4' x 8' $199.95 Shopping Cart

Oak Framed Natural Cork Tack Boards

Board Size Price
MI-WN-404 4' x 4' $155.59
MI-WN-406 4' x 6' $211.86
MI-WN-408 4' x 8' $244.14
MI-WN-410 4' x 10' $318.62
MI-WN-412 4' x 12' $364.97 Shopping Cart

Cork bulletin boards with oak trim have tack board surfaces that are 1/16" natural cork laminated to 3/8" fiberboard. The solid red oak trim has a 2" face on all cork bulletin boards that are 4' x 4' or larger in size.  Boards in a size of 33" x 45" or smaller have a 1" red oak trim and each boards ships with the appropriate installation hardware.

The smaller sized bulletin boards; 18" x 24" to 33" x 45" are made of economical cork bulletin board materials that are 1/32" natural pebble cork laminated to 3/8" fiberboard with economical and lightweight " aluminum trim or superior 1" quality red oak framing.

Many of our natural tan cork boards are on our Quick-Ship program and will usually ship from the factory in 2 working days. Number of days always refers to working or factory days in production.

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