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magnetic planning kits and accessoriesPlan and schedule with visual communication systems from Whiteboards Etc & Magna Visual. Our magnetic planning boards and office scheduling kits are complete systems that are ready to use for project control, personnel planning, job scheduling, and activity planning. We've been creating planning and scheduling boards for a good long time so we've seen a lot of request from a number of different kinds of industries.

These standard, dry erase planning boards are standard sizes to create the perfect planning or scheduling boards. Scheduling boards or planning boards that can be used in a number of ways and can be a lot cheaper than creating a custom grid dry erase board. We offer different sized planning boards with a number of standard grid sizes. You can either use the printed grid size or customize your board yourself using vinyl chart tapes to create wider columns or segment your planning boards into categories or departments. Easy to use and easy to remove and change around. You'll find the planning board or scheduling boards that you need below and the vinyl chart tape can be found under link Markers Etc. to the left. We also have many additional magnetic accessories for your boards.

This is a changeable magnetic planning kit. The horizontal lines are permanent but you can change the vertical lines to suit your needs.

Go to our Magnetic Changeable planning kits. Flexible, easy to use planning system can be changed to meet any need. Magna-Write® porcelain steel boards have permanent horizontal blue lines 1" apart. Customize this system by using vinyl chart tape to set up your various vertical columns needed.

magnetic data card planning kit. magnetic grid lined dry erase board with data card holders with colored paper inserts.

Go to our Magnetic Data Card planning kits. Complete magnetic receptive planning and scheduling kits for the busy office or production schedule. Kits include magnetic data card holders and colored data cards, monthly heading, date numbers and more.

This magnetic strip planning kit comes with the pre-printed magnetic board write on, wipe off magnetic ribbons.

Go to our Magnetic Strip planning kits. Write On / Wipe Off colored magnetic strip planning board. This multi-purpose kit uses write-on/wipe-off magnetic strips, in various colors, to post information that is easily changed for fast and easy updating on 1" x 2" grids.

Magnetic dry erase boards with grid lines in 3 sizes so you can create your own kit.

Go to our Opti-Print, grid lined schedule boards with 1 x 1, 1 x 2 or 2" x 3" grids to let you create a visual communication system customized to your business needs. Available in three sizes; 2' x 3', 3' x 4' and 4' x 6'

An expandable, magnetic modular scheduling kit and planning board. Add as many panels as you need.

Go to our Modular magnetic planning and scheduling kits. in two sizes of 36" or 48" x 18" wide. Each panel sold separately so you can create a running calendar of as many months as you need. Magnetic receptive and dry erasable.

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