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Musis staff dry erase boards with staff lines permanently embedded into the porcelain writing surface.Our OptiMA magnetic receptive music staff marker boards come with a fused music staff and we believe that they are the best dry erase boards with music staff available on the market. The term "fused" means that the music staff lines are "baked" into the music staff board during the manufacturing process.

These staff lines will be there for a good long time to come and the writing surface on the music staff marker boards carry a full 50 year warranty.

We offer continuous wall mounted music staff marker boards in four sizes: 4'x4', 4'x6', 4'x8' and 4'x10' all come as single music staff whiteboards. 


Full Music Staff Boards

Item Code Description Price
GR-GWMS-404 4' x 4' Dry Erase Board with
Music Staff on the whole board
GR-GWMS-406 4' x 6' Dry Erase Board with
Music Staff on the whole board
GR-GWMS-408 4' x 8' Dry Erase Board with
Music Staff on the whole board
GR-GWMS-410 4' x 10' Dry Erase Board with
Music Staff on the whole board
$674.95 Shopping Cart

*Music Staff Boards ship as single units in full-lengths. Please be sure that you can fit the boards into your buildings, elevators and / or rooms.

Normal shipping time is 2-3 weeks except for the 4x6 and 4x8 which are both Quick Ship. Summer lead-time may be slightly longer due to heavy school ordering.

Click here to see our free-standing dry erase boards with music staff on one or both sidesWe also have free-standing portable music staff boards These boards are portable and available only in a heavy duty aluminum trim. You can order music staff on one side and whiteboard on the other or music staff on both sides. Four casters, two free-wheeling and two locking. There is a full-length marker and eraser tray and each board is fully reversible.

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